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Welcome to the online presence of Masojus Christus Faith Eden. We are dedicated to raising Masojians (soldiers) for Christ. We are a community of believers who come from all walks of life, denominations and backgrounds, brought together by our shared faith and mission to serve and spread the love of Christ.

Crystallized and driven by Revelation 17:12-14 where the Lamb will wage war and conquer the ten kings who will give their power to the beast through his own kings and Lords whom are called, chosen, and faithful.

We are creating a part of the community of these kings whom are primarily soldiers that go to war with the truth, the gospel, love, unity, intelligence and finance inorder that we play our part in the fulfillment of revelation 11:15 where the kingdoms and systems of this world has all become the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and he shall reign for ever and ever.

As soldiers and agents of this kingdom whom are charged to bring the truth, light and love of Christ into our communities and into the world.

  • We are preachers who purify believers and help them mature, we are also missionaries who go to deep waters against all odds to convert lost souls.
  • We are scientists, analysts and engineers who use rationality, science and technology to research solutions for the world and drive rational faith narratives.
  • We are civil servants and small business owners whom ensure we are God's representatives in our little sphere of influence by being salts who against all odds will refuse to participate in the prevailing corruption while driving in the light with the gospel if need be.
  • We are media warriors who drove gospel based narratives but more than that, strategically push back on the evil media agendas.
  • We are big business owners and top government officials whom are Daniels in their sphere of influence through their excellence and integrity. Whom also strategically drive the kingdom agenda.
  • We are family men and women who teach and model the love and light of christ to our households
  • We are all financiers of the gospel and all we own, strive for and work for belongs to christ and his church.
  • We are Masojians; a secret confraternity of the kings of our Lord Jesus whose lives are committed to live and die for his mission and purpose



Unity of the body; zero denominational fences

Godswill our Priority

Oath of anonymity, poverty and prosperity; we own nothing and own everything as long as it serves the will of our boss; Jesus


Zero tolerance for watered down and feel good gospel. The truth of gospel is our greatest weapon


A community of believers who support one another.

Unification of the divine

Unification of the divine and the material to strategically fight and stand for the truth.

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